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Shalom & nice to meet you

I am Zakah, but some know me as Crystal.

I’m the Licensed Cosmetologist and Owner of Dainty Touches Natural Hair Care Services.

My aim is to provide a superb hair care experience to our clients from the comfort of their home. I service all, with a specialty in the elderly or those who are home/bed stricken. We are commanded to do good, so what better way, than to serve those of our communities.

When We Say Dainty, We mean delicate....

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Licensed Professional

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Wash & styles

Man with Curly Hair Getting Braids

Natural cornrows

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maintenance & treatments

Basic Coloring

Press or Curl

Starter Locs & grooming

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Do you have a loved one, who is bed-stricken, but would like to maintain their hair? Give us a call to service them. Let us come to their bed side and provide them with our Dainty Touches.

We are here to encourage and uplift those going through a bump in the road, we call life.

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“Do not hesitate to visit the sick. You will be loved for things like these..”



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As a Licensed Cosmetologist it’s not only an honor to service my clients but also to educate them about the hair they’ve been blessed to carry. Although some may venture from the natural state of their hair, having foundational knowledge about it paves the road back to it’s origin.

“A crown of beauty are grey hairs, In the way of righteousness it is found.”



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Satin Night Cap

Nourishing Oils

Braid/Twist Midst

Hair Accessories

Herbal Teas to promote hair growth

Nourishing Oils

Community Service

The experience is here, The expertise is here,

The dainty touch is here, but most importantly,

The heart to serve is our greatest strength & secret to success

Giving back to our community pushes it forward!

We encourage our clients to nominate a family member, friend or neighbor for an opportunity to receive a service, free of charge. (no future bookings required). Among the nominees, one will be selected per month.

Please send the name and number of the one you desire to nominate to

A visit to grandma

“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

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